Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Favorites

I love fall! I love the cooler temperature and the leaves changing color. I love fall smells - baked apple pie, spiced pumpkin - I don't like to eat any of those, just the smell of them. My favorite thing about fall is making caramel apples! Not just a plain caramel apple - it has to be a honeycrisp apple, dipped in caramel then dipped in white chocolate and then rolled in cinnamon and sugar. It is amazing! We made them last night for FHE and the picture is not the best and the apple didn't turn out very pretty - but I can tell you after eatting the whole thing that it tasted great!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend with Friends

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We had such a fun weekend with our friends up in Driggs. Driggs is the perfect place to be in the fall - it is so pretty!! We saw lots of moose walking around my parents yard and a group of deer. Other than getting the 24 hour flu bug Saturday night and throwing up - we had a great weekend and loved spending time with our friends.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tender Heart, Oopsy, Grumpy!!!

After having three boys I would have never guessed I would find myself breaking up a fight over who got to sleep with what Care Bear - well that is exactly what happened tonight.   The whole care bear craze started a year ago when Kade got to bring home FunShine Bear from preschool for a couple days and then take back a paper all about him so everyone could get to know him. He and his best friend Benjamin who was also in his preschool class then became obsessed with care bears.  They had to get their own care bears and they would play care bears everyday.  So in the crazy care bear phase, Ty became obsessed too, and today he came bouncing out of preschool so excited because he got to bring home the coveted care bear - TenderHeart!   But when it came time for bed, Kade started crying because he wanted to sleep with Tender Heart and Ty wouldn't let him.   So that is where I had to step in and resolve the care bear crisis, which ended with Kade sleeping with Grumpy Bear and Ty's Oopsy Bear and Ty sleeping with Tender Heart!  

Monday, September 22, 2008

Man Maids!!

When ever I start folding laundry, or in this case just pull the baskets out, it is like an automatic attraction for my boys. They are playing in the clothes and the baskets and running through the piles of clothes I am folding. If only I could find a way to channel all that laundry energy into them folding the clothes and putting them away!! I am fine washing/drying the clothes, but as you can see by the multiple baskets - I HATE folding and putting them away!

Ty is anywhere and everywhere that Zack is - he is usually wrestling or squishing him or trying to get in the picture :)
Or in this case - in his crib with him! I was blow drying my hair and when I was done I heard Ty talking and playing but couldn't find him anywhere. Zack's door was still closed from his nap, but I peeked in and this is what I found!! Ty had heard Zack talking so he went in and decided to play in his crib with him.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I've been tagged


1. I was a junior at Utah State
2. I was dating Rich and soon to be engaged
3. I was 20 years old and loving life

Today’s TO DO List:

1. RUN
2. Go to Kade's soccer game (he actually scored at the last one, then wouldn't run the rest of the game)
3. Go to the Parade of Homes
4. Clean the basement
5. Go to Sam's Club - Zack in completely out of formula!
6. Go to the Library for a new book to read

Fav Snacks

1. popcorn with a chaser of chocolate and caramel candy (milky way caramels are the best!)
2. right now - mini marshmellows (I have never really like marshmellows in my life, but zack eats them so I started to)
3. Almond M&Ms
4. chilled caramello candy bar

If I was a millionare:

1. Buy land and build a house 
2. Pay for my mom's cancer treatments
3. TRAVEL!!!
4. Help others
5. I do like Rachel's idea of having a maid - that would be nice!!

I have lived in:

1. Driggs, ID
2. Logan, UT
3. Layton, UT
4. Holladay, UT
5. Clearfield, UT
6. Idaho Falls, ID


1. Basin Lumber - stocking shelves, sending statements and inventory (my dad owned the store!)
2. Cleaning hotel rooms - yuck!  that didn't last too long
3. Working at the alpine slide in Jackson - too much fun!
4. Intelisys (data entry during college) - great job, great pay, easy work
5. many temp jobs while first married ( I did like doing loan reconveyances for Zions Bank)
6. Nanny - great job!!
7. primary feeder, bather, cleaner, educator and love giver to my 3 little boys and husband! (i stole that from my friend)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We went to Leo's Place for lunch today with two of my sisters and their kids. After lunch and playing on the playground toys all the kids went down into the arcade. I gave kade some tokens and showed him how to play this pirate game. It is pure luck - you put in your token and hit start, the sword starts spinning so fast you can't judge when to strategically stop it and so you just hit the stop button and where the sword stops is how many tickets you get. There is one spot for 200 tickets. Kade hit 200 and was so excited when he saw all the tickets coming out. After playing some other games he went back to the pirate game and started playing again by himself and he hit 200 again!! Ty was thrilled when he got 45 tickets from the pirate sword spinning game.

This is the video of the second time Kade got 200 tickets!

Family Night at the Park

For family home evening on Monday, we went for a long bike ride over to an elementary school to play on their playground. Kade and Ty were so excited to take Zack down the slide with them.

The boys loved this zip line, even though it sounds like Ty is not enjoying it so much. He kept coming back wanting to do it again.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Breakfast for Dinner - Outside!

We were really spicing things up Friday night when we had breakfast for dinner outside!  We had just been camping the weekend before and had forgotten how much we love breakfast on the camp chef.   Rich set up the camp chef and we cooked our dinner outside Friday night.  It was so yummy.  The boys thought it was so fun to eat outside, even Benjamin, our neighbor joined us.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ty's first day of preschool

Ty started preschool yesterday.  I was a little unsure about how he would handle it.  I dropped him off and he was so excited and went right in without me.  It is hard to tell how the day went - he has such a silly personality I can't get a serious answer out of him.   I would ask him who he played with and he'd say, "I played with no one and then laugh."  I would ask him if they cut with scissors and colored and he'd say "No, and laugh and then say, no means yes!"  This is the same preschool Kade went to last year, so they are doing a lot of the same things.  He seems to like it so far.  There are a lot of kids from our neighborhood in his class.  

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pictures of the boys

Zack was the dress up doll for his cousins. They thought it was so funny to put their cabbage patch kids clothes on him. This police hat fit his head perfectly. The shoe he is chewing on was a little too small.

I found Kade and Ty cuddled up together like this watching a cartoon before Kade left for school

Kade and Zack had on the same outfit one day. That's what happens when Children's Place has their monster sale - the kids all end up with matching clothes. :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Camping at Hebgen Lake

Over Labor Day Weekend we went camping up by West Yellowstone, at Madison Arm camp ground on Hebgen Lake with some of Rich's Family. I LOVE going camping here, my family used to go here before I was married and it brings back so many fun memories. Our camp sites were overlooking the lake and even though the weather was suppose to be pretty yucky and cold - it actually worked out o.k. for us and was still a lot of fun. Rich's dad brought his ski boat and canoe. Saturday evening we all had a chance to ski or wakeboard and the water on this lake turns to pure glass in the evenings. I was very hesitant to get in even with the nice water because the sun was going down and it was getting cold. Rich went and then made me go put on swimsuit on and go . Even through the painful initial jump into the cold water, I am so glad I went. The water was absolute glass and smooth. It was SO , SO fun to ski on. I thanked Rich later for forcing me to get in! Oh how I love to waterski when the water is absolutely still and calm - there is nothing like it! :) Here are a few pictures of our camping trip - the boys were great and loved every minute of it.

A nice action shot of Rich showing off his skills with the ax!

Rich and Todd - taking the kids on a canoe ride.
The water behind Rich in the picture is
what the water looked like while I was skiing! Oh so NICE!

Some serious games of horseshoes
is a must while camping.

Fishing in the boat -
I don't think anyone ever caught a fish!

Zack and Ty playing in the tent
Ty and I were building sand castles,
while Zack was
busy eating sand!

The water trampoline didn't get used as much as we would have liked due to the weather - but the kids got to play on it for a little while.

Rich enjoying some dutch oven ribs and chicken wings.