Monday, July 27, 2009

Hebgen Lake

For years we've been going to Hebgen Lake with my mom's side of the family and it is something we look forward to every year. We stay at a cabin on the lake, but we've always set up a tent and camp if the weather cooperates. It's a weekend filled with family, food, waterskiing, swimming, playing and golfing for the guys. The kids played and swam in the lake all weekend with their cousins. We waterskiied on very smooth water which was SO much fun!!! My mom and dad were even able to come up for a few hours on Saturday which was a fun surprise for everyone to see them and visit with them. My dad was able to waterski which he hasn't done in years :) There are always the memorable moments of the sudden afternoon thunder/wind storms, leeches and mosquitos but the fun we have all together makes it all worth it. We had a great weekend and are doing it again at Henry's Lake with Rich's side of the family in 2 weeks.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Fun

It is so hard for me to keep this updated during the summer.  So I guess monthly updates will have to work for now :)  As of right now things have fallen through with our house and we are hoping someone else finds it soon and wants to move in quickly so we can move down to Utah.  But in the meantime we have been having lots of summer fun.   Kade and Ty have been to 4 birthday parties in the last few weeks and have been busy playing everyday with friends.  I have been golfing 3 times this summer, which I've loved.  I went once with my brother, once with Rich and then I went last week with two of my sisters and my brother. 
We had so much fun golfing.  I got 2 birdies!  They were both of a par 3 hole and I hit my tee shot within a foot of the hole both times and putted it in for birdie.  I took pictures of where my ball landed on the green but they were with my sisters camera and I haven't got them.  But I did have 3 witnesses to document it really happened :)

This last weekend we drove down to Utah to our friends house warming party/birthday party for their son.  After the party and playing we put the kids to bed and me and my girl friends went to The Proposal while the guys stayed home and played board games.  The movie was so funny!!  We were all laughing so hard the whole movie long.  It is definitely adult/crude humor so be warned.    On Saturday morning the guys went golfing in the morning and then we went over to the Roy Aquatic center with our friends.  We love that aquatic center - it is so much fun. Zack was having so much fun.  I put him in a little floaty jet ski thing and he could touch the bottom of the pool and he would walk all around and stop and watch people  or try to run kids over with his floaty.  Rich took the boys on the slides and they both loved that.  We spent a couple hours there and then drove back home.  We were exhausted yesterday - but after a good night sleep we are back at it again today and headed to Rigby Lake!