Friday, August 29, 2008

Riding the Bus!

Today was the first day Kade rode the bus to school.  Thankfully the bus stop is right in front of our house so I could watch him from inside the house. :)  There aren't many kindergarteners that get on at this stop, but his friend Rylan does so they stuck together and sat together on the bus.  Kade was very excited to ride on the bus - I'm sure he loved it!
Ty was watching Kade get on the bus from his bed.  


Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten!!

Kade had his first day of kindergarten today. He was so excited last night after Rich gave him a blessing. On his way down the hall to bed he told me that he felt really good after getting the blessing. :) Kade was very independent and not nervous at all to go. Most of the kids in his class are from our ward. Rich picked Kade up from school and we all went to lunch together. It is hard to believe I have a kid old enough to be in kindergarten.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Top of Utah 1/2 Marathon

After 7 weeks of training it was finally the day for the 1/2 marathon. We ran in the race with Rich's sister Valerie and her husband Todd Johnson. We spent the night at my sister's house in Smithfield Friday night, she was going to watch our boys Saturday while we ran. We were bussed up Blacksmith Fork Canyon between 5:30 and 6:15am - it was still dark and cold outside. There were about 1200 people running in the race - which is a pretty impressive amount of people. The race started just after 7am, the temperature was great for running. It was a little chilly and overcast and we even had a breeze blowing from behind us on our way out of the canyon.

Not a glamour shot - this picture was taken just before crossing the finish line, as you can see I am very focused on the finish line! I wore a running belt that held my water bottle and jelly bellies with electrolytes. It may look silly but I was so glad I had it.

Rich and I after the race. Even though we didn't stay together while we ran - it was still fun to do the race together and train and work towards this goal together. Rich finished in 1 hour 55 minutes and I finished in 2 hours 5 minutes.

Since Rich and I were both running we didn't have our camera for a lot of pictures. Rich's brother and his wife were cheering us on at the finish line and took a couple pictures. My brother in law Todd got a bloody nipple from running in a cotton shirt and didn't reallze it until after the race. In this picture he has turned his shirt around to try to hide the bloody mess.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Zack Laughing

Here is a little clip of Zack laughing - he has such a funny laugh and it just makes you smile hearing him laugh!

Family Night

Last week for family home evening we went with one of our neighbors to the Idaho Falls Temple visitor center that has recently been redone. It was really nice - the boys didn't sit very well through the Together Forever video - they were more interesting in making shadow puppets on the wall than watching the movie. The visitor center looked very nice and had a lot of new displays, it was fun to go.
Although this picture may look like they are hugging - it was actually taken just before Kade picked Ty up and they wanted to start wrestling.
After the visitor center we went and got snow cones and walked along the river. It was a great night.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

He's riding on 2 wheels!!

On Monday Ty was riding the exercise bike while I was running on the treadmill - he can pedal pretty fast on it.  The rest of the day he kept asking for a bigger bike to ride, his is so tiny and has training wheels that are worn down to almost nothing.  So Tuesday evening we went over to the church parking lot and took off the training wheels.  After about 30 minutes he was riding up and down the side walk in front of our house.  He is still a little shaky and when he gets nervous he puts his feet down but he does pretty good.  Today he was learning to start on his own with out me holding the bike, he did it a few times.  

Monday, August 11, 2008

Reed's Dairy Family Day

Saturday was Family Day at Reed's Dairy.  The kids love going to it.  There is a little petting zoo, horse rides, wagon rides out through the stinky cows, tours of the milk plant, clowns with balloons, fiddle players, a BBQ lunch and ice cream.  

Rich had just finished running 13 miles right before we went to Reed's Dairy.  He was exhausted and it looks like he is about to drop Zack in this picture - Zack doesn't seem to mind though!
Here we all are on the horse pulled wagon ride.
The ice cream is always the favorite part - Zack is trying to take Ty's ice cream from him :)  
Kade was strategically licking his strawberry ice cream - savoring every lick!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Zack is 7 1/2 months old now and so much fun!! He is the most content and happy baby. He is always trying to make eye contact with you and then he will start kicking and smiling and want to play. He loves Kade and Ty and is always trying to watch them. We love this little guy - he is so much fun and keeps us all entertained.


Kade and his cousin Riley participated in a kids triathlon this morning. It was so much fun, they had a great time and are excited about doing it again next year. Ty really wanted to do it, and we should have let him . There were kids on tricycles and the parents are right there next to them the whole time if they want to be. Next year Ty will do it as well. The time results they send to us by email says that Riley took 3rd in her age division for girls and Kade took 2nd in his age division for boys.Just after check in and getting their numbers on them. Kade was 144 and Riley 143

Kade and Riley's bike station where they dry off a little after swimming and put on their shoes and helmet to start the biking section. Rich is explaining to Kade where he rides his bike.

Kade waiting to start the race, we was an animal on the swim!

Kade passed a few people on the bike with his speedy riding :) This is his favorite this to do - swimming is a close second.

Running - not so much a favorite of Kade's - but he did great! He stopped and walked for just a little bit and then continued running the rest of the way.

Hooray for the finish line! It was cute - they actually had a big inflatable arch that they ran under for the finish line. They made this race very professional.

Everyone got a metal at the end

Kade and Riley after the race!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Good Grief!!

I had So you think you can dance finale recorded, and after the kids went to bed began watching. I loved the finale, I thought it was fun to see the crazy judges dance, and I loved seeing past contestants come back and dance. Most of the judges picks for favorite dances were dances I loved and it was fun to watch them again. The only problem was when it got down to the final two - Josh and Twitch were standing there all nervous waiting for Cat to open the envelope and announce the winner and then BAM the recording ends. I was going crazy - I kept trying to go back thinking this can't really be happening. ARGH!! After searching on the internet for a good 20 minutes I have finally found out that Joshua won! Not quite as intense or exciting as watching it on tv, but at least I found out who won. When it got down to the final 3 - it could have really been any one of them for me. I loved all 3 of them. Way to go Joshua!

Monday, August 4, 2008

So Much FUN!

After playing on the slide from 1:30 - 7:30 we came in and put the kids to bed so we could play Rock Band!! Here were are rocking out to Metallica - Sandman. Yes I am the singer - and if you know me you can probably guess it didn't sound pretty! But it was a lot of fun! Our band was named Scabby Nipples in honor of Rich - who had scabby nipples from his 13 mile run a few days before!
We didn't want to stop partying to eat dinner - so we ordered pizza and had it delivered to our backyard. After a lot of persuasion, the pizza boy declined taking a turn on the slide, even though you could tell he really wanted to try it.

Sliding down together into the freezing cold water!

Everyone lounging and enjoying the sun/shade and being together. Even though we moved over a year ago, we have kept in touch and it still feels very comfortable and smooth when we get together. I have the greatest friends!!


I couldn't get any more pictures to upload for some reason - but I think I got a few videos to upload. This was a surprise for our friends. They drove up from Utah on Friday morning and we had this set up and waiting for them in our backyard. I think the adults played on it more than the kids - it was SO fun! I am sure we broke every rule that came with it - but luckily no one got hurt. What a great day!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Argh! For some reason it won't let me continue to post pictures or videos so the weekend of events will probably have to come in more than one post. On Saturday we went to the lake with our wonderful friends who came up from Utah. It was a windy day - so not a lot of water activity, but we still had a great time. We did a little tubing and our friend knee boarded, but it was still fun to be outside, go for boat rides, play in the sand , have a picnic lunch and be all together.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Surfs Up

We had our annual Elders Quorum waterskiing party last night.  It is for adults only - which is always nice to have a night out from the kids.  We all met up at Blacktail at 6pm for a picnic dinner and then everyone split off between the 4 boats there.  On our way out our driver said he left his ski home.  He had tons of wakeboards and a surf board - but NO ski, since no one ever uses it!!!  The water was so nice and he talked me into trying to surf.  I watched a guy do it before I tried and it didn't look that exciting or fun, but I was a good sport and gave it a try.  After 3 trys and not getting up I had them throw me the wakeboard.  It has been years since I have wakeboarded.  But I got right up and crossed back and forth across the wake wishing I was skiing the whole time - the water was so perfect!  After catching an edge and face planting I quickly remembered why I am not such a fan of wakeboarding and prefer waterskiing.  Our driver was very nice and flagged down two other boats from our ward and found me a ski.  It was about half the length I am used to skiing on, but it was a ski!  The boat full of people we got the ski from all stayed to watch me get up because most of the people in the boat had never seen someone get up on one ski - everyone wakeboards now!  I am sure they had an excellent view of my butt - but I got up and skiied and it felt great!  Rich skiied and wakeboarded.  We were out of the water until almost 10pm.  Thankfully the boat we were in had a hot water shower hose and a heater which I sat by once the sun went down.  We had so much fun!  What a great activity.