Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kade's 6th Birthday

Kade had his 6th birthday last week and was so PROUD to be 6!  He told grocery store checkout ladies, waitress' and anyone we met that he turned 6 that very day.  We were up in Driggs for the week at my parents and got to have a special birthday celebrating with them. Grandma played board games with Kade and Grandpa took him to town for ice cream and let him pick out a toy.   When Rich got home on Friday the partying started again.  We went to IHOP for dinner - my boys favorite!  Then went and picked out a new bike for Kade.  He loves the color red and was so excited to get this bike and walk it through the store to the check out.  He had lots of people tell him what a nice looking bike he was getting and he loved that people noticed.

The party continued on Saturday when we took Kade and Ty and their cousin Riley to Monsters vs Aliens.  Kade was SO excited to go and had been looking forward to it all week.  We don't go to movies very often and were shocked at how expensive it was, plus there was an additional $3.50 charge per ticket for the 3D glasses you need to watch the movie.  $52.00 later - we were all in the movie.  It was cute - but NOT $52.00 cute!

He was so good to wait until Friday to open his presents and was so excited to get some new nintendo games and a new orange controller.  We LOVE having a nintendo game cube.  We got it free from Rich's brother and we can buy all the cool games that his friends have for SO cheap!  The video at the bottom is a Donkey Kong game that you have to bang on the bongos and clap to play it.  It is a big hit and cost $12.00 for the game and the bongos. :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Visiting Grandpa and Grandma

My parents are back in Driggs for a little while before they go up to Canada to their Dr. for my mom to continue with her cancer treatments.   We spent most of the week up in Driggs with them and it was so nice to be around them.  My boys LOVED being at Grandma's house again.  Kade kept asking if we could stay another day because that is what would make Grandma happy, which would make me cry and we ended up staying all week. :)  

The only "treat" my mom can eat on her very strict diet are the Dole 100% fruit Coconut popsicles.  The boys loved sharing a treat with grandma, they were not fans of the coconut but loved the lime ones.  
Kade had his 6th birthday while we were up in Driggs.  All he wanted was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting - which was fine with me, super easy :)  Grandpa took Kade into town for an ice cream cone and shake and let him pick out a toy.  Grandma played board games with him which he loved, he is always looking for someone to play games with him.
Zack was obsessed with my sisters two new little babies that were there.  He wanted to always be by them, which usually ended in him trying to climb on them while they were sleeping on the couch or patting them a lot too hard.  When he'd hear one cry or make a noise he run over to them saying, "Dady" and pointing at them.  He is just starting to say a few words, all of which start with a B sound and he says them all with a D sound.  Boo is Do, Ball is Da, and now Baby is Dady.  

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Santa Fe

During the week of spring break my mom had a bad reaction to a chemo treatment she received and so my sister, brother and I flew down to Santa Fe, NM to be with them and help out. It is so horrible to see your parents fight a trial like this, but I am so greatful for the gospel and our belief in God and miracles and eternal families. I don't know how you could ever deal with something like this without knowing and believing that. It was so great to see my parents and to be around them. We were in Santa Fe with them for 5 days and it was heartbreaking to leave them.We hit up the Farmers Market on Saturday morning. They had a lot of great produce. My favorite was the fresh pea sprouts that tasted exactly like a fresh pea out of a garden, and the Bohemian band rockin' out. Some members dressed in tuxedos and others in patchwork stretchy pants.
From the recommendation of a girl Scott knows we went to a restaurant out in the middle of no where called Gabriel's. It is Zagat rated and known for their gacamole made fresh at your table. Check out that bowl of guacamole - it was huge and we licked the bowl clean. It was definitely worth the $12.00, and their food was great.

We had our parents drive us to Albuquerque to the airport on Sunday. They dropped us off a little after 3 for our 5pm flight. About 20min. after being in the airport we saw our flight had been delayed until 6:30, then delayed until 7:45, then delayed until 8pm. We finally boarded around 8:15pm. Our original plane was stuck in Wyoming due to the crazy snow storm. Thankfully we had my brothers lap top that we watched tv and YouTube clips on and I had dice we played Farkel with. I am cursed with return home flights, no one will ever want to travel with me again!