Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Forgotten Carols

To get the holiday season started off right - I went and saw The Forgotten Carols last night.  It was really good and fun to go with 3 of my sister in-laws, my mother in-law and Rich's  Grandma Carver.  

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sushi Lover

While Rich was down in Utah taking a test, I took the boys up to my parents house in Driggs. It is always fun to go see my parents and the boys love playing up there. My brother decided to come home from college for the weekend and when he got there at 3am he and his buddies were locked out. The were trying to find an unlocked window or door to come in and I heard all this noise and people talking and walking around on the decks and it scared me to death. They finally ended up calling, and my parents went and let them in - crazy boys! Today we got sushi from the sushi bar inside Broulins in Driggs. It was so good. Here are a few pictures of us enjoying the yummy sushi, chopsticks and all!

Loving every bite - we got some really good sushi!

The chopsticks proved to be more difficult for some - Dad :)

Andy, Scott and Beau
My brother is the one in the middle

Monday, November 17, 2008

Snow Blower

My sister called me last night with an amazing deal she found and wanted to pass on the good deal. It is a TORO electric snow blower that is regularly around $300.00 and was marked at $15.99 on Target.com. I quickly purchased one and paid around $25.00 for shipping for a total of $41.00. I called a few neighbors and family members who bought it as well. About 10 min. after I bought it an error would come up when you tried to pull it up again. I have an email receipt and estimated shipping date - we'll see if this is really going to happen. If so - HOORAY!! What an awesome deal.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mini Makeover

My friend (Challis Parke) is going to school at Austin/Kade Academy here in Idaho Falls and I made an appointment for today for their Nov. special a mini makeover!!!  That includes a weave, a haircut and a facial (or pedicure or microderm) I chose the facial because I have never had one for only $49.  Challis is so good,  it was fun hanging out with her all afternoon while she did my hair.  I just had her cut and color it today and it turned out great!  I really like the color and she taught me a new way to curl my hair - it's fun!  I got a rain check for the facial (an excuse to have another "me" time).  While I was at the beauty college I also got a cute girls phone number and passed it on to my brother and told him to call and ask her out!  It was a very productive afternoon!  Thanks Challis - you're great!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Zack loved his costume - he kept laughing and trying to figure out what was on his head.   Zack stayed home with me and was my helper passing out candy to the trick or treaters, while Rich took Kade and Ty trick or treating.  

Zack was thrilled to find the candy bowl and tried eatting a few pieces still in the wrapper - but gave up and started chewing on the bowl!