Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday


When I was pregnant with Ty I went into my 38wk. check up to find out I was dialated to a 7!  My midwife told me to go get my things and check in at the hospital and we'd have a baby!
Ty was born later that day weighing 7lbs. 6 oz. and had tons of BLACK hair!  

Ty has been such a fun addition to our family.  He is our silly one!  He loves to wrestle and play with his brothers.  Ty has been scared of pretty much everything his entire life.  When he was two he had a fear of certain floors.  I couldn't take him out of a shopping cart in a grocery store or Target because he was scared to death to stand on the floor.  Thankfully he got over that fear like he does with most of his others.  Once he tries it and realizes it is not as scary as he thought he is good to go!   He is hiding under a blanket in this picture because he hates the wind hitting his face when we go boating.  :)  
Ty is growing up into a very polite little man.  If he doesn't want something I am trying to give him he very politely says, "No thank you, mom!"  He is obsessed with video/computer games and amazes us at how good he is at playing them on his own.   He still loves to come cuddle with me in the mornings and when he sees me across the room he'll come running with his arms stretched out to give me a big hug.  I love that he still loves to hold my hand while we are walking through stores.  He loves to laugh and is very ticklish.  He brings so much joy and energy to our home.  We love you Ty James!
All Ty wanted for his birthday was a clone trooper birthday cake.  I did my best!  
I am horrible as keeping secrets and I get worse as I get older.  I was so excited to find these video games online for Ty's birthday that I had to tell someone when they arrived.  Rich was at work and so I told Kade - big mistake!  He is as good at keeping secrets as I am.  :)  So, Ty knew what he was getting for his birthday way before he got it.  He didn't care - and he LOVES the games.  

Friday, January 23, 2009

When Snowmen Attack!

The snowman looks innocent enough - but always without fail when my kids start walking they always seem to lose their balance and fall near anything that could hurt them.  I have removed coffee tables and anything else I can think of to help prevent this but my cute little snowman got the better of Zack the other day.
This was Zack after the attack!  Thankfully it only tore up his nose and not his whole face. :)

Kade has been wanting to have a pizza/movie party with his friends for a few months and we finally got around to doing it.  There were 8 little boys plus my 3 for a pizza/movie party last Friday.  We had all the moms drop off their kids at 3:30 and we took them all home at 6:30.  You may think I am crazy - but it was really pretty easy.  They all played downstairs and only came up to eat the pizza.  They played Mario Smash Brothers, watched and played Star Wars The Clone Wars and made A LOT of noise.  They had so much fun!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Family Christmas Party

My parents were in Mexico getting medical treatments over Christmas so we got to have an extended Christmas this year and celebrated with my family this last weekend. Everyone was able to make it to my parents house in Driggs except one sister who just had her second baby the day before in Rexburg. We all love being together and love that my parents house is so big that we can all enjoy being in the same house and not go crazy from all the kids playing. :)

This is my new niece Ruby Kay Carter - she is so cute!!
The big family dinner. We had to push 3 long tables together to fit all 24 of us. The food was great and the company was even better!
After dinner we had our gift exchange which the kids went crazy over - who doesn't love getting more presents?
During our gift exchange we had a surprise visitor - SANTA!!! He brought a gift bag for each grandkid filled with toys and treats.
After we got the kids to bed we would all gather around the table to play games. This picture is all my sisters (except Rachel who had a baby) my brother and parents. I love spending time with my family - the weekend went by way too fast.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Our holiday season was one party after another. We ate lots of food, played games, got presents, ate more food, played more games until it felt like one big continuous party! We had so much fun and loved spending time with our family! My parents were down in Mexico at the doctor over the holidays so we got to have my brother join us for Christmas which was a lot of fun and the boys loved having their uncle Scott around to play with.

Kade and Ty got star wars lego and loved building their ships and playing with them.

We loved having uncle Scott here for Christmas.

Zack got a fur real puppy. It is so cute - it barks and moves and growls. He plays with it and then starts to crawl away and it will bark and surprise him so he crawls back and hits it and plays with it again.

We went down to my sister's in Smithfield for a few days to celebrate the New Year. The kids played games and went sledding and played in the snow.

On New Year's Eve we had rented a condo in Bear Lake. We went swimming, played games and ate more food! It was so much FUN and went way too fast.
Kade, my brother Scott and cousin Luke playing in the hot tub!

The cousins all together at the condo - Luke, Hannah, Braden, Kade, Zack and Ty

Playing board games as we eat more food waiting for the New Year to begin!
Blokus and Dominion were the fun new games we played the most.

Starting when we were little and fighting over who got to wear my dad's slippers we have all grown up loving slippers! I bought my boys slippers for Christmas in hopes of passing on the love of slippers to them. So far so good :) On our way over to Bear Lake my sister and I stopped and got all three of us new slippers to party in for New Year's! My brother had been skiing all day - that explains his outfit :) and we surprised him with the slippers when he got to the condo! It was the perfect way to ring in the new year!