Saturday, August 15, 2009

Picking Huckleberries

I LOVE huckleberries - in milkshakes, pancakes, plain - however you use them they are delicious! While we were in Driggs last week at my parents, my aunt took us all up to her huckleberry spot. We had 14 of the 15 grandkids with us and had a great time up in the mountains. The kids did much better than we expected and when they got tired/bored of picking huckleberries they all just ran around and played.

The favorite thing for the kids to do was to eat the huckleberries! Then they would complain that they didn't have any in their buckets, and want me to put my precious berries in their buckets. :) I consider myself to be a pretty nice mom - but not that nice.

We've made huckleberry shakes almost every night since we picked.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

West Yellowstone

Last weekend we went camping with Rich's family up at Hebgen Lake by West Yellowstone. On Sunday after we cleaned up camp we drove through the Park and had a picnic. The boys had never been through the park and they loved seeing the geysers. It was only 59 degrees but OK weather to walk around in. Here are the boys at the firehole river.
We stopped for a picnic farther up the firehole river. It was difficult trying to get all the boys standing and looking at the camera. It looks like only Zack is cooperating in this picture - but he is folding his arms - so that makes up for Kade and Ty's crazy faces. :)
The boys were SO tired after the weekend of camping. This picture is at Old Faithful - all the boys laid down on the bench while we were waiting for the geyser to erupt.
Looking at the geysers by Old Faithful.