Sunday, June 28, 2009

Softball Tournament

Our stake had a softball tournament yesterday that was so much fun.  Each ward could put together their best co-ed team and they had unlimited hot dogs, chips, treats, popcorn, drinks, snow cones and an inflatable for the kids to play on.  Rich and I didn't plan on playing since we missed all the practices through the week, but we were quickly recruited to a team and had a great time playing.  Rich had brought his shoes and glove just in case.  I was not as prepared - I was in flip flops and ended up playing bare foot and borrowing a mitt.   Rich hit a home run with the bases loaded his first time up to bat.  A few innings later he hit it over the fence for another home run.  Our boys were very impressed and excited to see both of us play.  Kade, Ty and Zack ran around for 3 hours watching us play and eating an endless amount of hot dogs, chips, popcorn and snow cones.  Later that night Kade told us he ate 6 snow cones!!!  Good thing they were mostly just ice :)  

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A round of Golf

When I was younger my dad used to take me and my siblings golfing all the time on this little par 3 course by Ashton.   I have so many fun memories of golfing with my family and today I got to add to those memories.  Thanks to my amazingly wonderful neighbor who watches my kids more than I do - I got to go golfing with my brother this morning at Pinecrest here in Idaho Falls.  It was a perfect morning, a little humid - but a little sweat is good right! :)    It was a pretty slow, relaxed day on the golf course while we were there and we had such a good time.  I don't golf very often, more like hardly ever now, but I do have to say I out drove a man who we let play through.  I was driving the ball really well - my brother was very impressed, and so was I!  I didn't play my irons as well and my putting was so-so, but it is the tee shots that really count - right :)  

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Utah State Hey Aggies All the Way!!

Thanks to Rich's Uncle and his cousin, we had a family/USU alumni reunion Saturday at Utah State University.   Rich's Grandma and Grandpa on his mom's side both graduated from Utah State and many of his aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings including Rich and I all went there as well.  So far in their family there have been 29 USU graduates.  The USU alumni association gave all USU alumni "game day" t-shirts to wear and everyone got FREE Aggie ice cream! :)  We had family pictures and USU alumni pictures taken on the steps of Old Main.  If you went to USU and get the alumni magazine look for our picture to be featured in there in the next little while.  :)  It was so fun to go back to USU and walk around campus and show the boys where Rich and I went to school and where we lived.  After being up on campus and having the pictures taken we all gathered for a luncheon in the Agricultural building where Rich's cousin works.  She did such a great job organizing everything and decorating in the USU theme.   All the kids got goodie bags with candy,  USU chapsticks and temporary USU tatoos.  After the luncheon Rich's little sister was at a basketball camp/tournament at USU and we all went to watch her play a game in the Spectrum.  It brought back so many fun memories going back there.  The kids loved running up and down the steps in the stadium.  We had a great day in Logan and had a fun trip down memory lane!  We loved Utah State!

One of our future Aggies - Ty sitting on the A.

Rich's two aunts on the left, his Grandma in the middle and his uncle on the right all went to USU - he also has another aunt and uncle that went to USU that were not in this picture.  Rich's mom went to BYU.
Here is a picture Rich took while everyone was trying to get organized and all in the picture.  This is probably most of the people that came to the reunion.  Look at all those Aggie Blue       t- shirts :)
The boys by the waterfalls on campus.  It was so fun walking through campus again with the kids.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I haven't posted in a while so here is a catch up post on what we've been up to.   We got to watch my cute little nephew Hank overnight while his parents went out of town.  He is so cute and it felt completely normal to have another boy around :)  On top of being so cute he calls me funny Buffy - who wouldn't love that?  On the day we had him we actually had a break from the rain and so we packed a picnic and loaded everyone up and rode our bikes to the park for lunch and to play on the toys.  It was so nice to be outside again!

We definitely took advantage of the sunny days with many picnics.  It is so fun that all you have to do is eat your lunch outside and the kids think you are the greatest mom ever and that the food is the best food they have ever tasted :)
We have started swimming lessons.  This is Kade's third year and Ty's second.  Kade is a little fish in the water - he loves it and always has.  Ty loves the water but has been more hesitant to put his ears and face under.  He is doing much better this year and really loving his class.
After the lessons we go outside to play in the outdoor pool.  It has been so rainy and cold that we really haven't got to enjoy that too much - but it still doesn't stop the kids from getting in and playing for a little while.  This is Zack and his little friend Brooklyn lounging by the pool.
Kade and Ty are both on tball teams as well.  Kade's team is The Pirates and Ty's is The Blaze.  Thanks to all of the rain, most of the games have been cancelled.  Hopefully they can start playing soon.  They each have 2 games a week - so that will keep us busy most of the summer.  In the swimming video - Ty is on his back swimming with his teacher and then Kade is swimming across the pool.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Graduation Day

Today was Kade's big Graduation Day from Kindergarden. He was so excited for his graduation and that Rich was able to be here for it. Kade has loved kindergarden and I have loved having him in kindergarden :) It has been fun helping out in the class and seeing him learn new things and make new friends. The class all lined up on risers and sang about 6 songs they had been practicing for a few weeks. They all looked so cute in their handmade graduation caps. After all the songs the teacher called them one by one up to get their graduation certificate and shake their hand. They were all so proud and did a really good job.
Congratulations Kade only 16 more years to go!

It's Ladies Night

After a week of sick kids and cleaning up throw up I was so ready for my girls weekend away. We started the weekend off with some shopping in Park City Friday night, which is always fun! Saturday we spent the day shopping and have a spa day. We got a deal through city deals or something for a chocolate facial, a pedicure and an eyebrow wax for only $45. at a beauty college. This was a lot of firsts for me. I had never had a facial or my eyebrows waxed. The chocolate facial was amazing - I loved it! I was happy to get my eyebrows waxed and while the girl was waxing I told her I wanted to have my lip waxed sometime too. By the time I was done she had done my eyebrows, my lip and my chin! I was thrilled! Then we all got pedicures, which always feels so good. The girl who did mine was very strong and worked my feet over - which was great! We were there getting pampered for almost 3 hours and left feeling so good. This is a picture of us after we were done! The beauty college we went to was very nice and they did a great job.We ate at Paradise Bakery on Saturday afternoon. I love this place! This piece of carrot cake was the first thing I saw when I walked in and I couldn't pass it up. There was seriously 1 1/2" of frosting on the top, with huge chunks of nuts and carrot. It was DELICIOUS!!! I got a small salad to go with it for lunch. :) That night we ate at The Macaroni Grill - and had some yummy pasta! We stayed up late talking and laughing and soaking in the hot tub. It was a perfect weekend. I have such great girl friends and a wonderful husband who stays home and watching 3 crazy boys while I get away!

Kindergarden field trip

We had another field trip to Tautphaus Park Zoo last week. Thankfully the weather was really nice and sunny that day. It was cold and rainy when we went with Ty's preschool. The alligator was a big hit with the kids and the monkeys are always entertaining. Making a big doggy pile on Kade is always a good time.
Kade and some Kindergarden buddies on the Tiger

Typical Ty face as he's playing at the park waiting for Kade's class to show up at the zoo.

Zack loved all the animals - he'd get so excited to see them move and make noise. Here he is watching the ducks swimming.