Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Update

Ever since school got out the boys have been sleeping in longer. I LOVE it!!! They must get really worn out during the days because they are still going to bed about the same time. We've been getting up between 8:30 and 9am which is a nice change from 7 - 7:30am. They all love to cuddle when the first get up, which is my favorite part of the day! It usually doesn't take very long for them to all start wrestling and fighting and then someone gets hurt and starts crying - but for those first couple minutes it is nice.
We came home from baseball games last night and found this deer laying on the grass in the shade. Zack was so scared to see it he wouldn't get out of the car unless I was holding him and even then he was scared to look at it.
Check out these HUGE green onion we found growing in the yard. They were as tall as Kade. We used these in our tacos that night. Kade loves them.
Baseball season has come to an end. It has been a long season - but we have loved it. Ty was in t-ball again this year. Next year he will be in coach pitch. The highlight of his season is when a kid hit a pop fly and it hit Ty in the leg. He thought that was pretty funny.
Most of the time Ty was throwing his mitt up and catching it or playing in the dirt. The last few games he actually would try to get grounders and throw them to the bases - so we did see some improvement. :)
Kade was in coach pitch this year and it was so much more competitive than his little tball in Idaho Falls last year. Kade's team didn't lose a game during the regular season and got 1st place trophies, and Kade also got a game ball after one of the games for his good hits that helped the team score some crucial runs.
I couldn't get him to tuck in his shirt - oh well!