Sunday, June 27, 2010

Silver Lake

We spent yesterday afternoon and evening up American Fork canyon at Silver Lake. One of our friends, who works with Rich, goes up there a lot camping and fishing and arranged the outting with all the families in their office.
It is a beautiful drive up American Fork canyon to Tibble Lake and then farther up the canyon to Silver Lake, which is less crowded. The boys loved being in the mountains and by the water and fishing and eating snacks! Our friend brought his 4 wheeler and took the kids on rides as well.
We bought some cheap water guns for the boys to play with - they were a big hit.
Rich was very determined to catch a fish - plus he had just finished running 18 miles and standing in the cold water felt good on his knees, so this is where he spent most of the time. :)
Kade loved fishing - even though he never caught a fish, he still had a great time.
Riding the 4 wheeler with Travis
Ty and Malika having water gun wars
Success! Rich finally caught a fish - it is so tiny he didn't want pictures taken. But Only 4 fish were caught, so just catching one was a success!
Ty caught a fish on the first time he tried. Rich cast it out for him and he was reeling it in and starting screaming - Yeah Big Daddy, I caught a fish. He was very excited!
Here is a picture of where we were at. We were on this little penisula surrounded by water. The weather was great and it was nice and relaxing being up in the mountains.
Thanks so much to Travis and Teresa for organizing this and bringing their 4 wheeler - we had a great day!


Caleb and Rachel said...

that is a beautiful place. what a fun weekend to get out and just relax with your fam. ty cracks me up- I can totally hear him saying that. what a funny kid.

TDAWG said...

We are so glad that your family was able to come!

giota said...
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