Thursday, May 20, 2010

USU Alumni 5K Run

I only use this blog to check other blogs I like to follow - but I got sick of seeing the same pictures up everytime I pulled it up - so I added a new post just to have a change of scenery when I pull up this blog. Our family participated in the USU Alumni 5K family fun run last weekend. Kade and Ty rode their bikes while Rich and I ran. I pushed Zack in the stroller so we could all participate. The boys were excited to each get their own Aggies shirt and their own race number.
Family picture with Big Blue before the race.

Post race celebration - Aggie Ice Cream! My boys thought it was the best breakfast ever!


TDAWG said...

Awesome! I almost missed this post because I clicked on the blog, and about clicked off because I thought I was gonna see the Halloween post! :D
Rich told me about the run, sounds fun! Thanks for a new post!

Sharee said...

Who wouldn't love Aggie ice cream for breakfast. What a fun family activity. I hope that your family is doing well in Utah. Those of us in Idaho need more updates to stay in touch. Keep the pictures and posts coming.

Annalee Kelly said...

What a great family day! Is Aggie ice cream better than Reed's Dairy ice cream?

marinda said...

glad to hear from ya!!!
glad you all are doing great!
have a wonderful weekend!

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